In the construction industry, the financial situation of business can change seemingly overnight, whether because of a global material cost increase, general recession or saturated market. To minimize the impact on your construction company, you need to prepare your staff to work as a productive unit in order to better weather the tough times. Starting on day one, use these suggestions to shore up the foundation of your sales team and all other employees who interact with customers and potential clients.

Sales Attitude and Aptitude

Consider the times have you called on another business and been put off by a sales representative’s demeanor, lack of knowledge or general reticence to follow up as necessary. Because sales are the backbone of any business, you need to stock your sales team with positive, proactive people who are willing to learn and grow. Just as important for their success, they should have established sales techniques under their belt. Make certain they possess the temperament and ability to do the following:

  • Make sales outside the office
  • Interact positively with every office visitor
  • Display optimism
  • Provide helpful follow-through

Positive Productivity

There are as many leadership styles as there are advocates for each. The better ones contain elements of morale-boosting behavior. Because you, as a boss, are looked to as a supportive figure, try to put a positive spin on the job performance of each employee whenever possible. Avoid negative criticism, especially publicly; instead, turn individual concerns into constructive instruction, but do so in private. Most workers will engage more energetically in their tasks when they understand you have their backs.

Mind Frame

Optimism is not just an attribute to spark in your employees. Just as parents need to set examples for their children, you need to model that same outlook. However, do not just wear a happy face. Though you need to avoid sugarcoating downturns, embrace the challenges of each workday, no matter how many external factors may be negatively affecting the business. Be honest, and welcome any input from your workers so that they feel part of the solution when it inevitably occurs.

In construction, workers on the job site represent your company during ongoing projects. However, it is equally important to pay attention to those in the office, for they are often the first and last point-of-contact whose attitudes and knowledge can make or break a sale. If you proactively manage, train and support them in these areas, you can increase the odds that your company can fight through challenging economic times.