If you’re planning to become a property investor and/or landlord, it pays to stay up-to-date on what renters want from a rental property. Consider the demographics of the renters in your area, when selecting which amenities best suit your property. For inspiration, check out the most-desired amenities for apartments in today’s market: 

Outdoor shared spaces – Private outdoor areas like patios and/or balconies are popular, but shared outside space is perhaps even more desired. After all, renters like the entire property to be nicely landscaped and/or kept clean and attractive. It’s lovely to arrive home to (or take a walk in) a well-maintained common space or park-like campus or designated walking trails. Of course, apartment dwellers like the opportunity to gather and bond, and perhaps BBQ, with neighbors and friends al fresco as well. A pool is also an attractive asset for the property, as are dog-friendly amenities like a dog-washing area or plastic-bag dispenser stations.

Indoor gathering areas – Like outside common areas, indoor meeting or party rooms are also prized. This allows residents to schedule or take part in events that include more people than would comfortably fit in their unit. (Any noise is also less likely to bother neighbors in adjacent apartments when using a shared space.) A movie screening room would be a terrific perk that might make your complex stand out. An indoor pool or sauna, as well as a gym, are other great examples of upscale, indoor shared amenities for apartment buildings. You could even add a coffee shop within the complex, or at least include a high-end espresso machine in the community kitchen.

Smart home features – Modern, sleek technology amenities are impressive to potential renters. They also add convenience and comfort to their daily lives. For instance, you might include a wifi-controlled heating and cooling system. High tech door locks and advanced security cameras provide welcome security for renters.

Green apartment amenities – Provide access to recycling bins at the very least. Consider hosting a car or bike-sharing stations. Let residents know you run the complex in an eco-friendly manner, using renewables, such as solar power or water-saving drip irrigation for the landscaping, for example. 

These popular, modern amenities should help you attract quality renters, and charge luxury-level rent to help grow your business.

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