Instilling a culture that fosters collaboration is an important factor in business success. Collaborative efforts promote open communication, improve morale, enhance creativity, and encourage optimum performance in work teams. Here are some tips on how you can inspire your teams to collaborate efficiently together.

Limit Team Size

Teams are more productive and accountable if they are kept to a manageable size. Having a limited number of members enables teams to communicate more easily and coordinate their tasks. It also allows everyone on the team to feel included and confident that they play crucial roles.

Work Towards Specific Goals

Goals that everyone plays specific parts in accomplishing allow team members to focus on group effort instead of individual achievement. Be sure to reward the combined successes of teams more than the contributions of individuals.

Encourage Risk-Taking

Team members should be encouraged to present unusual ideas without risk of judgment or censure. Fostering an environment that embraces creativity instills confidence and opens your business to innovations and improvements. Let your teams know that they should not be afraid to fail.

Provide a Synchronized Channel of Communication

Teams can become confused if they attempt to communicate randomly via phone calls, text messaging, and emails. Instead, have them agree on a single channel that uses the same technology and programs. This will enable them to stay in touch with each other much more efficiently.

Make Presentations Visual

Have your teams use visuals when presenting their ideas and concepts. Whether rough sketches on a whiteboard or elaborate slide shows, visual presentations are vital aids to communication and collaboration.

Implement Ideas

Employees working on teams need to know that their ideas matter. If your teams generate more ideas than you can immediately implement, consider voting on proposals and going ahead with those that seem most feasible by the majority. Acting on suggestions put forth by your teams fosters further creativity.

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