Working remotely is a trend that isn’t going away. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a boss overseeing everything you do, it can be difficult to be as productive at home (or the coffee shop) then you are in the office. Here are more ways to improve your productivity while working remotely.

  • Maintain a set schedule. Get up and work at the same time every day. Share your schedule with friends and family. Tell them that you’re working during those hours and ask them to avoid interruptions. 
  • Invest in your home office. Spending eight hours or more at a desk at home every day needs to be comfortable. Spend money on a good office chair and ergonomic equipment that makes it better for your health. 
  • Break your day into chunks. Realistically, your brain can only focus on about 60 to 90 minutes at a time. Don’t think about your 8-hour day. Break your day into windows of time to complete certain tasks. 
  • Don’t forget to give yourself breaks.  Your brain needs time to recharge. Make yourself take a lunch break. Try to get out of your four walls. Schedule a morning and afternoon break where you get up and move around. You’ll feel better and work more productively. 
  • Keep your office clean. Take 30 minutes every week to straighten up your office, dust, and vacuum. Purge paperwork and products. You’ll feel more productive when your office looks clean.
  • Have a routine in the morning and evening. Start work at the same time. Get fueled before work. Dive into the project that is the most pressing and important. End your day by setting yourself up for success. Know what project you need to start with. Leave work at your desk to enjoy your evening. Have clear boundaries for work and home life to be more productive.

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