Versatile Financing for Consumers

Enjoy versatile options in commercial finance with Commercial Capital Funding. Find out how consumer finance additions can give your company the improved branding and increased customer base it needs to thrive.

Advantages of Consumer Financing

Your business can enjoy a boost in brand awareness and customer loyalty thanks to this flexible offering. Allowing your customers to access competitive financing solutions can not only bring in more customers, it can also encourage your current customers to spend more on the products or services you offer.


Businesses in any industry can benefit from our consumer financing model. With this ability, you can offer your customers the following excellent benefits:

  • Access to revolving credit line
  • Simple applications
  • Safe and secure financing
  • Convenient payments 

Not only will you encourage customers to pay for products or services they need, you’ll give them the benefit of making payments. This option is a compelling addition to any industry, as it’s seen as an attractive option for both your company and your customers.

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